YKBP Birdfarm Pattani

Farm/LegBand : YKBP
Number of Cages : 40
Address : 86/1 M.2 T.Bangpoo A Yaring J. Pattani 94150, MAKEE KADENG, (+66) 81-9904384, 73-353333

MASAKEE KADENG atau panggilan YAKI telah 3 tahun terakhir ini sering datang ke Indonesia, kami berjumpa di Pekanbaru, Surabaya dan Tasikmalaya, terlihat sangat akrab dengan CHIKGUMAT LOTU pemilik MLT BF. YAKI mengelola YKBP BF sejak usia muda 20an (kini 40an), farm yang besar megah dan terletak dipinggir jalan Raya di Pattani Selatan. Dari total 40 kandang ternak focus 25% mengembangkan type suara Indo.


YKBP BF Materi Kandang

Mei 2011

3SWP 10MLT 3
6MLT 2TP 222
9YKBP 12
10MLT 11MLT 6
11TP 222TP 888
21MLT 5MAD 5
30MLT 6SWP 4

Special Interview with NOKKHAO.COM


Yaki BaangPu or MaZaki Kadeng age 44yrs from Baangpu District, Pattani – a famose province of good vocal zebra dove . with his professional profile that used to produce good bird named “Silamanee” and Silamanee’s Bloodline to use in many farms. the one and only that turns him to be one of an established farm in the south of thailand. his success was in the past 10 years with Silamanee’s best A-Class 1st price vocal – Asean Vocal Zebra Dove Competition 1996 . at that time he sent this bird to the comp with his own name and can gain a very good impact to his name and Silamanee’s name.

“i started to run a farm more than 10 yrs ago , i bought 2 pairs (50000baht/pair) parent birds . with Silamanee’s bird parents i got from Umzar(DN) male A-Class bird to pair with female from SapaeIng(SP) C- Class + with beautiful kong. i didn’t know what name i can give to my bird since the TV Soap Opera on Channel 7 named Silamanee. this TV program was very famose and i gave this name to my bird. after this bird won good price from Asean’s 1996 people here always mention the name Silamanee and also call my farm Silamanee too. In 1998 the other good bird with same parent of Silamanee’s named Sri-Soraya won 1st price Asean competition B-Class category(owned by DoLah BinSaMa-E Narathiwas) and on the next day comp this bird won All Best Category too. birds from the same parents fo Silamanee was sold more than 20 pairs and decendants of Silamanee was on a demand too ”

“now Silamanee still producing baby bird even his age turn to a decade, we was on the aviary number 1 but now moved to number 12. When he was famose i sold about 100000baht per pair but now i sell just 30000/pair ” now there’s many aviary with a bloodline related to Silamanee, especially my premium aviary number 1-10. i use my own birds to pair with other famose farm like MLT and many farm i found good bird to breed. i focus to produce bird in A and B Class Vocal with 5-6 steps. the bird parents must have a beautiful kong and brave. aviary size i use is not so big with 1 meter width 1.8 meter height and 1.4 meter lenght. young bird i sell at 30000 / pair age 35-40 days with condition no quarantee when buyer mornitored thier voice but if taken without monitoring can have replacement if quality not meet satisfaction. overall the bird age 50 days or 2 months can know thier future. in breeding if some pairs not produce good bird for 3 times, the parents will be swap to find a new match.”

” a recent one i can produce is Silamanee2 B-Class bird age 11 month can win top price at Kelantan too. not many details in preparing large tone vocal like B and A Class , just feed them 20-30 mung beans one day before comp. i like to go to comp too mostly i go on Sunday , in bangkok comp i also like to join. a king’s cup at the end of each year is interesting but mostly i go in a nearby provinces.”

nokkhao.com – it is know that bloodlines are important factor in breeding good vocal zebra dove. the bloodline that can inherit good gene would be a necessary point to use to produce good vocal birds. YKBP ‘s bloodline showed that they has this factor but for his own professional method, good bird with no background can be use too. he said good birds always from good bloodline, it’s about a chance to find them with your own talent to listen and sort them.



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  1. asalamualaikum?slmt tuan saya ingin bertanya boleh ya saya mendapat merbok siam penberian kawan tapi saya tidak tahu apa suara A,B,C tetapi di kaki merbok tu ada gelang warna ungu dn tulisan thailand apa kah color pada gelang kaki itu menentukan jenis baka, ble saya tahu apa kah jenis merbok siam saya yng bergeleng kaki ungu harap tuan boleh menberi jawapan sekian terima kasih…

  2. Can i know how much id your b bird?

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